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A Heart Set Free

Sarah and Emily where once two inseparable friends. They had been besties since childhood and had each other’s backs whilst growing up. They were more than friends, but rather sisters in spirit. They shared everything with one another and held no secrets from the other. It was no surprise that they were going to be best friends for the rest of their lives, or so they believed.

One day Sarah did something she would regret in the years to come. She went out on a secret date with a long time high school crush, Jason, although her parents had expressly forbidden her to do so. It was so exciting that she called and told Emily all about it and they spent the night talking about dates & boys.

The next day morning Sarah experienced an event that would shattered her world. Her mom stormed into the room furious demanding why Sarah had went on a date without her permission. She was now grounded for the rest of the summer and was to be confined at home.

Though the punishment was severe, the biggest dagger that pierced her heart was the betrayal. In this moment Sarah’s mind was a whirlwind of confusion and pain… IT HAD TO BE EMILY! No one else would have known. How could her best friend and confidante betray her like this? Emily was always so excited to listen to her talks of Jason that Sarah suspected maybe she also had a crush on him! How could she let her jealously come between their friendship!

Hurt and anger consumed Sarah. She withdrew from Emily, avoiding her messages and calls. Emily kept trying to reach out and even sent a couple of long texts asking Sarah why she was treating her so coldly. “What a snake!” Sarah thought. “Of course she knows why”.

In the end, Emily’s efforts to connect with her best friend were met with silence. The distance between them grew, and a once-flourishing friendship withered under the weight of suspicion and resentment.

Weeks turned into months, months grew into years and the rift between the two friends became almost too big for any thoughts of reconcilliation. Their parents were worried about them, but no one knew the true cause of their estrangement. Sarah appeared composed on the outside, but was battling an internal storm. She felt the heavy burden of anger and the longing for the companionship she had lost.

Many years later, Sarah was busy clearing out her room with her fiance, Tom. She was finally getting married soon and was preparing to move out of the house. As she reached under the bed she found an old wooden box that she used to keep all of her precious hoard from younger years. Opening the box, a picture or her and Emily both laughing at each other in silly costumes fell out.

Sarah picked up the photo as a tear fell from the side of her eye. It was a photo that Emily had sent to her after they became estranged, but Sarah had simply ignored it. Turning it over, she realized that there was a note written behind. Both Tom and her read it together.

“Hey S, I’m not sure where to begin but I just wanted to try to reach out one more time because you mean so much to me. We’ve been friends for so many years, but I don’t know why you’re suddenly so angry and don’t want to talk to me. I want to apologize if I did anything to hurt you. Please let me know what I did so I can make it right.

Also wanted to let you know that I’ll most likely be moving to another state after the summer. Dad found a better job. Although I’ll be far away I really hope that we’ll still be close in heart. So, call me maybe? When you get the chance, no pressure. I love you S.

(Signed M)

The words pierced Sarah’s heart, stirring something deep within her. She looked up at Tom with eyes now filled with tears. “We should call her. Let’s invite her to the wedding.” Tom said with an understanding smile.

“But she betrayed my trust, should I just forgive her?” Sarah asked. “Forgiveness is not about condoning the wrong done to you. It’s about freeing your own heart from the chains of anger and resentment. When we hold onto unforgiveness, it’s like drinking poison and expecting the other person to suffer.” Tom replied.

After 7 long years, Sarah and Emily finally reunited again at Sarah’s wedding.

“I’m so sorry for cutting you out of my life” Sarah said tearfully. “I thought that you had a crush on Jason and betrayed me to my mom” Emily’s eyes filled with tears as she shook her head. “Sarah, I would never do that to you. I don’t know why you thought that, but it’s not true. You’re my best friend. I would never do that.”

As they talked, the misunderstanding began to unravel. Turns out Sarah’s mom had heard about the date from a friend of hers that saw them at the restaurant. Emily’s heartache mirrored Sarah’s, and they realized how deeply they had both suffered. Now it was Sarah’s turn to asked for forgiveness.

Tears flowed freely as they embraced, their hearts finally unburdened.

“When you stand to pray, forgive anyone against whom you have a grievance, so that your heavenly Father may in turn forgive you your transgressions.”

– Mark 11:25

Life is a journey filled with relationships, emotions, and unexpected twists and turns. Our hearts are often burdened by misunderstandings, betrayals, and the pain that comes from broken friendships. Yet within these trials lies an opportunity for profound personal growth and spiritual awakening. This story of two inseparable friends torn apart by suspicion and anger, offers invaluable lessons about forgiveness, trust, and the divine plan that God has for each of us. Through their journey we are reminded of the transformative power of forgiveness and God’s providence.

Sarah’s immediate assumption that Emily had betrayed her highlights a common human tendency to jump to conclusions without seeking the full truth. In moments of hurt and anger, it’s easy to let our emotions cloud our judgment, leading to misunderstandings that can have long-lasting effects.

The story of Sarah and Emily offers profound insights into the power of forgiveness, the importance of trust and communication, and the necessity of relying on God’s plan. Their journey from friendship to estrangement and back to reconciliation mirrors the struggles many of us face in our own relationships.

As we reflect on their story, let us strive to be quick to forgive, slow to assume the worst, and always open to God’s guidance in our lives. In doing so, we can experience the true freedom and joy that comes from living in harmony with others and with our Creator.

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