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Change Is Not What I Seek…

In the dwindling light of the afternoon, Christine cast her defiance into the air once more, her voice a blend of weariness and resolve.

“Change is not what I seek,” she declared, the echoes of her resistance mingling with the bustling sounds of the streets that had cradled her existence.

You see Christine’s “home” was now under the open sky, and she had been relying on the generosity of strangers passing by for her daily meals and necessities of living. In the city’s forgotten corners, she had carved out a place for herself and did not want to return home to her “controlling” father.

It was pride that kept her from accepting the reality. She wanted her own freedom without reproach to do whatever she wanted to – which mostly consisted of lazing away the days at this point instead of contributing to her own home.

Yet there in the midst of her steadfast refusal, her father approached her, his presence a constant reminder of the life that could be hers—a life he had tirelessly offered since she could remember.

“Why do you bind yourself to this life of scarcity, Christine?” her father implored, his voice laden with a sorrow that tugged at the edges of her resolve. “I extend to you a bridge away from this hardship.”

The pang in her father’s tone could not unmoor Christine’s determination. With a shake of her head, she anchored herself once more in her familiar refrain. “I am content with my lot,” she asserted, “change is not what I seek”.

“But my dear child, just last week you lamented the gnaw of hunger that accompanied your nights. And have you so quickly forgotten the bitterness of the rain’s cold embrace?” her father reasoned, his words painting a stark portrait of her struggles.

Christine’s resolve wavered for a breath, the truth of his words piercing the veil of her defiance. The streets with their harsh lessons and cold comforts, had indeed been a cruel mistress. But to forsake the only life she had known? That was a chasm too vast to cross. She clung instead to her grievances, a shield against the invitation to transform her plight.

“I can’t change, Father,” she countered, her voice a blend of resignation and defiance. “I am too set in my ways. This plea is a fruitless call. Remember my previous attempts to give up this life? But the very next day I was back on the streets! It’s just in my nature.”

“Yet salvation is right here, if you but choose to let me help you.” her father entreated with arm outstretched. “Come back and live with me. A life of purpose and joy awaits you by my side. Let us leave behind the aimless wanderings and forge lovely moments together.”

But Christine remained unmoved. “Change is a mantle I cannot bear,” she whispered, her voice a mere breath in the cool air.

“Is it that you cannot, or will not?” The question hung between them, a soft yet piercing inquiry. Without a word, Christine turned away, her steps carrying her back into the embrace of her chosen solitude.

Her father’s silhouette blurred through the mist of unshed tears as he watched her retreat. With a heavy heart, he turned away, the promise of tomorrow cradled in his silent vow. Perhaps the morrow would bring with it the dawn of her acceptance, the day when she would embrace the outstretched hand of love.

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”
– John 3:16

Christine’s story is merely a simple representation of many people’s relationship with the Heavenly Father. Many are defiant against change and find it easier to accept our core “nature” rather than to explore the salvation that we have been granted. This narrative offers us a reflection on the transformative power of love and the courage required to embrace the changes that lead us to our truest selves, in alignment with God’s plan for us.

The Resistance to Change

This story is a poignant illustration of the human condition – our often stubborn resistance to change, even when faced with the stark realities of our choices and circumstances. This resistance is rooted in a complex mix of fear, pride, and a misguided sense of contentment in the familiar discomforts of our lives. Christine’s assertion, “Change is not what I seek” despite the evident hardships of her chosen path, is a testament to this all-too-human paradox.

  • Fear of the Unknown: Fear often lies at the heart of our resistance to change. The unknown presents a terrifying abyss, filled with uncertainties and potential failures. Like Christine, we may find ourselves clinging to the familiar, no matter how detrimental, because it offers a semblance of security.
  • Pride and Autonomy: Pride also plays a significant role. The desire to maintain control over our lives, to assert our autonomy, can lead us to reject the help and guidance that might steer us towards a more fulfilling path. Christine’s refusal to return to her father’s care, despite the clear benefits, underscores the powerful grip of pride.
  • False Contentment: Often, we convince ourselves that we are content with our lot, as Christine did, using it as a shield against the daunting prospect of change. This false sense of contentment keeps us locked in cycles of stagnation and unfulfillment.

Transformation Requires Courage

Christ is persistent and will never give up on His call to us to embrace the faith. This call invites us to transcend our limitations, to let go of the life of scarcity. and embrace the abundance that awaits us in God’s plan. But only we ourselves can decide if we truly want to take His hand.

Let our faith overcome the fear that we have for venturing into the unknown, knowing that we are not alone, and a steady hand guides us forward as we take the leap towards change.

Allow your faith to diminish your pride. Let us find the humility to acknowledge our need for God’s guidance and assistance. To never be too proud to accept the help and love offered by others, and to recognize them as manifestations of God’s care for us.

Spiritual transformation requires a great deal of courage, and oftentimes, sacrifice of our comfort zones. Let our faith opens our eyes to the possibilities that lie beyond our current reality. It helps us to see the potential for joy and fulfilment that awaits us when we dare to embrace change in the Lord.

A Prayer to Embrace God’s Call to Change

Heavenly Father, Giver of Life and Source of Eternal Hope,

In the quiet of this moment, we come before You with open hearts, seeking the courage to embrace the transformative changes You call us to. Like Christine, we often find ourselves resistant to the unknown, anchored by fear, pride, and a false sense of contentment. In Your infinite wisdom and boundless love, You invite us to a life that far surpasses our limited visions of happiness and fulfillment.

Lord, infuse our spirits with the faith that overcomes fear, the humility that diminishes pride, and the divine sight that transcends our earthly contentment. Help us to see the beauty and potential of the path You have laid before us, even when it leads through valleys of uncertainty and mountains of challenge.

Grant us the grace to trust in Your loving plan for our lives, remembering always that we are never alone in our journey. May the Holy Spirit guide our steps, strengthen our resolve, and fill our hearts with the peace that comes from surrendering to Your will.

In moments of doubt and hesitation, remind us of the promise of John 3:16, that in Your love, we find the ultimate assurance of salvation and eternal life. Empower us to live out the transformation You desire for us, that we may reflect Your love and grace in all that we do.

Through Christ our Lord, who strengthens us in all things, we pray with grateful hearts to embrace the changes You call us to for the glory of Your name.

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