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Christ Loves These Words, But Few Christians Say Them

What if the most powerful words in the world, the words that can free us from our suffering and bring us closer to God, are also some of the least spoken? Yet these powerful words are always within reach. They can be found in our hearts and uttered on our lips with no effort at all. And Jesus absolutely loves it when we say them.

“Dear Lord Jesus, I Welcome You”

These three simple words are an invitation for Jesus to come into our lives. No amount of Bible-reading or theological knowledge can compare to this heartfelt invitation that opens up a soul for connection with Christ.

Allowing Him to come into our lives is not a one-time event; rather it requires a continual surrender of ourselves to His will and guidance. We must continually strive to bend and shape our lives around His values and teachings as we journey deeper into following Him.

Repeat this phrase three times right now.

Remember the words of Revelation 3:20: “Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with me.” We too must not force ourselves but naturally surrender to God’s divine plan. Just as we would open the door for a dear friend shows up at our home, so must we open the door of our hearts for God’s presence in welcome.

“Jesus, I Trust In You”

Trust is the foundation upon which faith is built; yet many people struggle with trusting in God when faced with difficult times and circumstances. To trust completely means finding comfort in knowing that Christ has greater plans than we can understand or anticipate for ourselves – if only we would gaze upon those plans by His grace!

We have no cause to doubt God’s infinite goodness; He has proven Himself faithful time and time again throughout history by providing hope in every situation no matter how dire it may appear at first glance.

Say this phrase three times now, dearest one.

How often do we say we believe in Christ, yet our actions betray us? We’re not perfect, and our desires sometimes overshadow the soft whispers of Christ. But like a ship that trusts the lighthouse in the fog, we must also differentiate our needs and desires from the voice of Christ.

Trust goes further than simply believing facts about Him – it means entrusting every area of your life unto Him as well. That means relying not on your own understanding but on what He tells you through His Word – even if you don’t understand why things happen or why something isn’t happening for you right now.

“Jesus, I Love You With All My Heart.”

Love is at the core of God and His purpose in our lives. To follow Him is to allow love to manifest within us as we learn to accept ourselves and others unconditionally, and to extend compassion and mercy to those around us.

This unconditional love goes far beyond merely feeling fondness or appreciation for someone – it is a deep spiritual connection that reflects God’s own love for mankind. It is a connection so strong that it can bring enemies together, break down walls of prejudice, and create understanding between those who were once strangers.

And when we express this love from our hearts directly to Jesus – He rejoices! He is delighted when we come before Him with open arms, inviting Him into our lives with humble adoration and gratitude. We need not be afraid or ashamed to pour out our hearts before Him; He eagerly awaits us in the arms of forgiveness.

“Help me Jesus, only say the words and I shall be healed.”

Finally my dear, utter these words: “Help me, Jesus, only say the words and I shall be healed.”

We cannot do everything by ourselves. No matter how strong or capable we are on our own, there will always be times when we simply must rely on the infinite strength of the Lord. We must daily call upon His aid as we seek out His wisdom through prayerful contemplation.

The reality of our human existence is that we are finite, yet we live in the illusion of self-sufficiency. Our strength is limited, and so we must lean on the infinite power of the Lord.

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