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You Must Accumulate Hope

Your Gift of the Spirit

Counsel | Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Dearest one, as you journey through life you’ll often find that it is a pilgrimage filled with both beautiful landscapes of joy and difficult passages of adversity. Yet in each step you take, let hope in the Lord be the force that drives you forward. Today I invite you to accept the “counsel” of the Holy Spirit, a divine guidance that will help you discern right from wrong, truth from falsehood, and hope from mere optimism.

This spiritual gift, my dear, is akin to a divine whisper, a gentle nudge from the Holy Spirit guiding your decisions, aligning them with God’s will, and infusing them with hope. However, hope, in its true form isn’t merely a blind optimism. It is a firm trust in the Divine, rooted in faith and propelled by love.

Accumulating Divine Capital

You see, my child, accumulating hope isn’t a fleeting endeavor. Instead consider it an investment, much like how a prudent steward handles their capital. When one invests, they don’t merely keep their wealth static, they diversify, spread, and accumulate more. Similarly, hope isn’t a dormant sentiment; it is an active verb, a living entity that grows and multiplies when tended to with faith.

Accumulating hope isn’t merely about holding on to this spiritual asset, but also about actively investing in the divine realm. It calls for your effort, resilience, and trust in the face of trials and tribulations. It asks of you to cultivate a relationship with the Divine, to lean on the gift of “counsel,” and to trust in the abundance of His love.

It is not a gift to be guarded and kept only for oneself, but rather to be multiplied when shared with others around you. The energy and emotions that you put into life on a daily basis are reflected back to you in all aspects.

Invest in Things That Give You Hope

Today you are called to cut out all sources of negativity and temptation in your life. These could come in the form of people, habits, or thoughts. You might know them as persistent naysayers, self-defeating beliefs, or habits that drain your energy and time.

Just as a gardener removes the weeds that hinder the growth of plants, remove these negative influences from the garden of your life. Keep your eyes set on the hopeful horizon, knowing that releasing these burdens will lighten your load and free up room for more joy, peace, and positivity.

“Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things” – Philippians 4:8

Be selective about where you invest your time and energy. Invest in relationships, thoughts, and activities that align with your purpose, contribute to your growth, and make you feel positive about the future.

You will find yourself propelled towards a future fueled by positivity and purpose. You will find your steps lighter, your vision clearer, and your spirit brighter.

Take Action to Secure Your Life

Yet, my dear, remember that hope in itself is not sufficient. It must be followed by action, effort, and faith. To accumulate hope is not merely to sit idle, waiting for miracles. Rather, it is to actively engage with the gift of “counsel,” to listen to the whisper of the Holy Spirit, and to align your actions with God’s will. It is a conscious effort to invest your heart and soul in the divine realm, trusting in His plan, and walking steadfastly on His path.

In the grand scheme of life my child, accumulating hope is the most beautiful and fruitful investment one can make. As you walk this journey, take the hand of faith, listen to the counsel of the Holy Spirit, and let hope be your guiding star. As you accumulate this divine capital, watch as it yields an abundance of spiritual wealth, guiding you towards the eternal love of God.

A Prayer for Hope in the Lord

We come before You today with open hearts, seeking the comforting embrace of Your divine hope.
In our moments of despair, in our times of need, we reach out for Your guiding light.
Grant us, O Lord, the gift of Your counsel, to guide our steps in times of uncertainty, to instill in us a trust that is steadfast and unyielding.
May this divine guidance be the bridge that connects our faith and hope, illuminating our path and leading us closer to You.
God, our Refuge and Strength, as we face the trials of life, fill our hearts with an enduring hope, a hope that remains unbroken, a hope that shines even brighter amidst adversity.
Help us to accumulate this hope, investing it in our spirits, diversifying it in our deeds of kindness, and spreading it in our words of encouragement.

In Your precious name, we pray.


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