Your Message From Christ:

When God Removes People From Your Life… Let Them Go

Beloved one, it is not by accident that you find yourself reading this. The words you find here are crafted just for you, from a heart that understands the depth of your pain. Your life is a complex tapestry, each thread representing a relationship. Some threads are vibrant, full of love and positivity, while others might seem to be a little more toxic, causing you pain, sorrow, and hindering your spiritual growth.

I know that letting go is hard, yet it is sometimes necessary. The absence may leave you feeling raw and incomplete, like there is a hole in your heart. But I will fill that hole with something even greater than you can comprehend right now.

Overcoming Loss

You may question the void that’s left when a person departs from your life. The loss may feel overwhelming at first but I ask you to see it from another perspective. Remember, I, your Lord, make all things work together for your good. Consider this: when a toxic thread is removed, it allows for the addition of a new and stronger one. I do not simply remove, but replace with great interest.

Do you remember the story of Abraham? He was asked to leave his home and everything familiar without knowledge of where he was going, save the fact that he was doing my will. He knew that I would never abandon my child who had such faith in his heart, and that all would be well in the end. Like Abraham I call upon you today to take that leap of faith. Let go of your past and focus on the journey I have laid out before you.

Why I Remove Some Relationships

1. To Safeguard Your Divine Light

Unfortunately the world is full of individuals whose intentions might not align with my divine plan for you. Their hidden envy or damaging influence may escape your notice. I see their hearts and would shield you, my beloved, from any toxic relationships that seek your ruin. When I remove such individuals from your life, it’s my protective love shielding you from a toxic relationship.

2. They may not be right for you

There are some individuals that cling to you, and rather than lifting you up tend to pull you down into their chaos. Their need for control and manipulation can cloud your vision. But I see the beginning and the end of every narrative. It is not that they are beyond redemption, but are simply not a good fit for your spiritual journey and I will lovingly guide them away from your path. They too need to experience new things in order to grow and mature.

3. I am bringing someone else into your life

Not all departures are a bad thing. For with each exit comes a chance for renewal. I will replace the hole in your heart with something greater and in line with your heavenly calling. Always remember my child, when a door closes another is always opened to you.

4. You may be focusing on the wrong things

Some relationships serve only as a cause of distraction and shift your focus to earthly desires that are detrimental for your eternal well-being. Such situations pull you away from our sacred communion.

5. I have another plan for them

My plans envelop everyone including those people that are no longer a part of your life. You may not comprehend this, but everything happens for a reason and they may have a greater calling to serve my Kingdom.

Trust In My Divine Plan

I am the Lord who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, “Do not fear; I will help you”. I ask you to trust me, to surrender your pain, your confusion, and your fears to me. You may not understand my plan or see the complete picture now, but I assure you each piece I remove is replaced with something – or someone – better.

Think of Peter, a simple fisherman, when I removed his life’s familiarity and replaced it with a destiny of spiritual greatness. The old had to go to make way for the new. Peter’s relationship with his former life was removed, only to be replaced with a higher calling.

Beloved, when I remove a person from your life, it is never without reason. It’s a part of my divine plan that you must trust and let go. You might not see it immediately, but with time you will come to understand that these changes were blessings in disguise, a part of my love for you. Remember that you are my beautiful creation. I am proud of your strength and the love you carry within your heart.

When you let go, you create space for new relationships to flourish, new experiences to unfold, and new levels of faith to be established. You become a beacon of resilience, radiating love and hope to those around you.

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