Your Message From Christ:

Never Tell Anyone What You Are Up To Until It Is Accomplished

In life you will experience those striking moments of revelation when a new aspiration, a plan, or an inspiration is born within us. Dearest one, these moments aren’t coincidences but divine prompts, as God gently leads us toward our intended path. These precious insights are sacred gifts that are brought about from your intimate relationship with God.

You might be drawn to share your dreams and plans with the world. Yet I urge you my child, keep them hidden in the sacred space of your heart before they are accomplished. This precious callings are not meant for the ears of the world, and it is in silence that they shall manifest and grow into the world.

The reasons for this silence are profound, ones that intertwine deeply with your spiritual journey.

Trust and Surrender

Silence is an act of profound trust and surrender to God. When you choose to keep your plans hidden, you’re entrusting your dreams entirely to the Divine, acknowledging His supreme wisdom and guidance. You are laying your aspirations on the altar of faith, letting Him orchestrate their manifestation.

When you work in silence, you are surrendering the desire for control, fortifying your relationships God and allowing Him to guide you fearlessly on the path intended.

Shield Against Pride and Vanity

Keeping silent also acts as a shield against the snares of pride and vanity. When we parade our intentions or achievements before the world, we often inadvertently seek approval and admiration. This quest can quickly turn into a dangerous distraction, pulling us away from our spiritual purpose.

By choosing silence we ensure that our motivation remains pure, driven not by external accolades but by the Divine’s calling. This allows you to cultivate humility and acknowledge that all achievements come from the grace and favor of the Heavenly Father. We recognize that all great things come from the Lord and to Him shall be the glory.

Preserving the Sacredness of Our Relationship with God

Working in silence also maintains the sanctity of your bond with God. It becomes a sacred pact between you and Him, an intimate dialogue that deepens your connection with the Divine. Like every intimate relationship, it should not be shared and paraded to the world but rather to be cherished in a sacred space.

When God unveils His plans to you and you fervently work to make them come to life, external energy from friends, family and others can seek to throw you of balance. It isn’t that they are evil or are purposefully trying to put you down, in fact most times they may be trying to protect you. Have you ever tried to embark on something important for you, only to be told by your friends & family that it is “too dangerous” or “it doesn’t make sense”?

Of course it doesn’t make sense to them because you were the one who received the calling! Most people will never understand the nature of your relationship with God. Your calling is unique only to you and only you can see it through.

Protect Your Intimate Connection With God

The silence that you keep not about concealing or being ashamed, but rather it is about cherishing an intimate connection with God. It is an act of love, a beautiful manifestation of your trust in His plan.

In the Bible, we find guidance and reassurance. Proverbs 16:3 encourages us, “Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established.” Here, the scripture is inviting us to place our dreams in God’s hands, assuring us that He will bring them to fruition. Similarly, Psalms 37:5 guides us to “Commit your way to the Lord; trust in Him, and He will act.” These verses beautifully encapsulate the essence of why we should keep our plans within the sacred space of silence until they are accomplished.

Embrace this wisdom, my child, as you navigate the path of life. Let your actions speak louder than your words. Allow your accomplishments to unfold organically, illuminated by the Divine’s grace and love. In this silence your faith will deepen, your purpose will clarify, and your bond with God will grow stronger.

Not all treasures are meant for display. Some like your dreams and plans, are meant to be cherished in the silence of your heart until they are ready to bloom under God’s loving gaze. Trust in His timing, surrender to His will, and your life will become a testament to His infinite grace.

Keep your aspirations close, let them unfurl in His light, and let the world witness your journey not through your words but through your accomplishments.

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