Your Message From Christ:

You Will Overcome Mountains as God’s Chosen

jesus hand outstretched

Dearest one, I speak to you today with urgency and great purpose. No matter what and trials & setbacks may come, never forget the innate power that you possess as God’s chosen. You are made for greatness and destined to overcome mountains that may stand in your path. As a child of God, you have been are equipped with a divine strength that will guide, inspire and drive you towards the fulfillment of His purpose for you.

I call you to remember the inspiring tale of David and Goliath. Armed with nothing but a sling, a young shepherd of little stature was able to achieve a great feat that nobody would have expected of him. His unyielding faith was the insurance, and his trust was his coverage against the towering armor-clad Goliath, who appeared invincible. Yet against all odds it was the faithful David who came out victorious with but a mere slingshot. This historical episode serves as an enduring testament to the fact that even the smallest of God’s chosen can create enormous waves and achieve great victories with my grace.

Undeterred in the Face of Risks

Embrace the risks that life throws at you, beloved one, just as David confronted Goliath. Do not give in to despair against overwhelming odds, for I shall turn them in your favor in the right moment. Instead perceived the situation, take stock of the risks and act as a faithful agent of my will. When faced with your own “Goliaths” in life, your faith in God shall be your eternal insurance. I will never abandon you, my grace shall be the coverage you need against all odds.

God’s Interest for You

Dearest one, remember that my interest lies in your spiritual growth and your journey towards me. You are my chosen one, and I have a vested interest in your wellbeing, your triumphs, and even your failures. Your pains, your struggles, your doubts are not unseen. They are shared with me, and they contribute to your resilience, your strength, and your faith.

The trials you face and the mountains you climb are not arbitrary. They are part of your lifelong journey, designed to shape you and guide you towards your divine purpose. This process may be grueling, but it is necessary and beneficial in the grand scheme of your spiritual journey. Your hardships are not to deter you, but to propel you further towards the peak of your achievements.

Walking the Path of Faith

I call on you, my child, to walk this path of faith with courage and conviction. You are not alone on this journey. Just as David trusted in me to guide his sling, so too should you trust in me to guide your steps.

My promise is not of a path devoid of obstacles but a journey enriched with experiences that will shape you into the person you are meant to be. When you face trials, remember this parable and do not waver. Remember how he was able to fell a giant not by his power but by faith. You need not rely on your own strength, but trust in my divine authority.

Your Divine Coverage

As you tread on this path, remember that you have been blessed with divine coverage. The coverage you have is more profound than any worldly insurance. It offers solace in times of distress, strength in times of weakness, and guidance in times of uncertainty.

This divine coverage is not conditional nor limited. It is a constant, an eternal promise from me to you. When life seems uncertain, remember this coverage. Embrace it and hold onto it. It will protect you, guide you, and lead you towards your divine purpose.

My child, you have been chosen for greatness. The mountains that appear daunting are but stepping stones towards your divine purpose. You have the strength, the courage, and the divine coverage to overcome them. Just as David stood victorious in the face of Goliath, you too shall triumph over your adversities. Hold onto your faith and walk in my love, for you are indeed, my chosen.

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