Your Message From Christ:

I am Covering You with My Precious Blood

My beloved child, today you shall be covered by the blood of Christ and every grip of sin upon you shall be cast aside. For my blood was poured out as an offering, as a testament of unending love and a promise of redemption.

Transfusion of the Soul

The very concept of transfusion is one of giving and sharing life. When a person receives a transfusion, they receive life through the generosity of another. Similarly I offer you a divine transfusion of spiritual life. When you receive the blood of Christ, you are no longer who you once was and stuck in the sinful nature of men, instead my love and sacrifice has brought new life and the promise of salvation to your spirit.

Just as your blood serves the intricate purpose of carrying oxygen and essential nutrients to every cell of your body, so does my love nourish your soul and renews you with each passing moment.

Donating Without Expectation of Return

“No one has greater love than this, to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”– John 15:13

Consider for a moment the noble act of donating blood. It’s a selfless act, given without expectation of return to someone you might never know or see. We are called to embody the same selfless spirit for others that Christ displayed on the cross in our stead. God’s love and salvation is freely given to all who would receive it. You need only accept it.

The world may attempt to confuse you into believe that every action must be a transaction where you give and receive something in return. This is a silly notion in the eyes of God for the true love that extends down to you from Heaven does not keep score and comes freely without condition.

True Healing Flows From Heaven

Beloved, in your moments of doubt, when the world seems overwhelming, seek solace in the knowledge that my love for you is boundless. My blood wasn’t just shed for one, but for all in this world. It’s an eternal donation, a perpetual transfusion of grace and mercy. When you feel weak, lean on me and I will strengthen you. When you are lost, reach out to me and I will guide you home.

Let the message of my love be a balm for your soul. I shall heal you and renew you so that you may achieve great things that you did not even dream of.

Reflect upon the miracles that happen daily. The sun that rises, signaling a new day and the laughter of a child, or the kindness of a stranger. In all of these my love and presence shall shine through. They are reminders that I am ever with you, guiding, protecting, and loving you.

Prayer to Be Covered By the Blood of Jesus

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