Your Message From Christ:

Continue making wise decisions, God is proud of your accomplishments

Every decision that you have made in life, good or bad, has led you to this moment. God is extremely proud of your accomplishments and your willingness to accept His graces in your life.

In this quiet moment of self-reflection, you are encouraged to ponder the path that you have chosen. With each decision, action and thought – have you endeavored to keep your focus on God and trust fully that He is guiding you into making wise decisions?

There are some who are “fearful” of reflecting on their lives for fear or judgment from the Lord. But remember that God does not dwell on our shortcomings, instead He wants only continued growth & success for you, and takes great delight in your accomplishments.

Embracing Change for Spiritual Growth

“See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.” (Isaiah 43:19)

Change is inevitable, and sometimes it can be challenging to accept or embrace it. However, God uses change to help us grow and become the person He wants us to be. Recognizing and embracing change can lead to spiritual growth and a deeper understanding of our faith. Don’t be afraid of change; trust that God is working in your life, leading you towards a better future.

The Labor of Love

The work we engage in is more than mere occupation. It is a vocation, a calling by which we are presented with the opportunity to realize our God-given talents in the world.

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.” (Proverbs 16:3)

God has given each of us unique gifts and talents to be used for His glory. By setting goals and working diligently towards them, we honor God and demonstrate our dedication to His will for our lives. When you commit your work and goals to God, He will guide you and help you accomplish great things. Your achievements are a testament to your faith and your commitment to serving God.

The Measure of Success

The world measures success in tangible achievements – wealth, power, influence. But in the Kingdom of God, success is measured in faith, hope, and love. “For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?” (Mark 8:36). True success is found in the depth of our relationship with God and others.

You may at times feel small & inadequate, feeling like you haven’t achieved much “success” in life. But the Lord sees the greatest achievements that you have accomplished. Your family and loved ones, your faith in His promises, and your actions to put His kingdom first.

Do not succumb to the standards of the world, for they are flawed and superficial at best. It is not the rich & powerful that asd, but the meek and lowly that shall inherit the Kingdom of God.

A Short Prayer for Success

In humble prayer we come before You, Heavenly Father.
Lord, lead us in every step we take, that our actions may align with Your holy will.
Grant us the wisdom to discern Your path and the courage to follow it, even when it winds through uncharted territories.

May Your grace be our compass, and Your love our constant guide.
Bless us with a spirit of perseverance and hope, so that in facing life’s challenges we may find strength and growth.
Instill in us a heart for service, that in all our endeavors, we may not only seek success for ourselves but also bring joy and uplift to others.

Lord, in Your infinite wisdom set us up for the success that honors You – success that is measured not in worldly gains but in love, faith, and fidelity to Your word.
May our lives be a testament to Your goodness and a reflection of Your divine light.


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