Prayer for Financial Blessing & Counsel

Dear Father in Heaven,

We are living in a society that pursues the importance of money as a form of freedom in life.

As we grow older, we find ways and means to chase the idea of financial freedom and the paradise that money can bring to us.

Some of us get lost in this process, while others get trapped.

Mindless purchases and discount sticker buys abound but we know that if we keep you in heart, you will strengthen us to fight these impulses.

It is definitely hard to battle the temptations that we face in society but we are truly thankful for being blessed with money to spend and lay food on the table.

Regardless of the careers or titles that we chase after to fulfil our financial obligations,

We know nothing can fulfil us greater than God’s love.

Help us reveal your purpose and plan for every cent we are blessed to manage,

aid us in finding the strength to lift the scary bills we face to you as we work around our finances.

With your guidance, we shall find the direction towards an enlightened financial life.

In Jesus’ name I pray,

Amen ??

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