A Prayer for Deeper Faith in God

Dear Father in Heaven,

In the midst of our ‘busy-ness’ we tend to seek out material comfort;

Think – those extravagant meals we indulge in, the luxury holidays we embark on, to the high fashion big ticket purchases we splurge on,

All in a bid to “escape” from the reality of life.

Have we ever taken a step back to reflect on the time we spend on activities that don’t involve reading the Bible or helping others?

However, in times of need, we cry out to God seeking his presence and wondering why our faith is weak.

We tend to allow other activities to steer us away from our consistent faith building,

but if we just put some thought to it:

When we do not stay consistent with exercise, the body becomes weak.

Likewise, our faith cannot be strong if we do not practice what we preach consistently.

What God can promise us, goes far beyond the material comforts of the world.

To reach out to the heavenly and the eternal promises of God,

Let us start strengthening our faith.

Let us be an advocate of the church and seek out ways to love thy neighbour.

Let us forgive others for their trespasses and ask for forgiveness when needed.

Let us trust that in these little faith building activities that we do everyday,

We are taking that one step closer to God.

In Jesus’ name I pray,

Amen ??

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