A Prayer for Forgiveness

Dear Father in Heaven,

Today I come to you and seek guidance on Forgiveness.

When we choose to forgive,

There is no way we can change the past.

However, the power lies in how we can now have the ability now to change the future.

This is a powerful lesson I have learnt in life, but it is still one that is hard to keep consistent with.

Being wronged by others can quickly lead to lasting resentment, bitterness and even anger.

While we can not dictate how others should act towards us,

We can instead change the way we feel and think – all just by accepting forgiveness to ourselves.

We know nothing can fulfil us greater than God’s love.

And we are blessed because when we ask for forgiveness, we shall receive it every single time.

So let us learn to translate that love to ourselves and to others.

To learn to forgive not only others who do us wrong,

But to also accept that we may do wrong sometimes and learn how to seek forgiveness.

Help us reveal your purpose and plan for every obstacle we face in life,

Aid us in finding the strength to face up to our own wrongdoings, and to also learn to be magnanimous.

With your guidance, we shall be the beacon of light to others and to ourselves in dark times.

In Jesus’ name I pray,

Amen ??

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