Prayer to Guard Against Evil and Temptation

Dear Father in Heaven,

I thank You for Your grace upon my life and the mercies that I enjoy.

May I honor you greatly with my thoughts, my words, and my deeds.

Strengthen me, Lord, for the enemy is after my downfall.

The devil has plotted and schemed for me to fail You.

Give me the grace to always honor You, for that is the reason for my being.

Help me, Oh Lord, when I face temptations.

I need to discern whenever I am tempted by good things that are set for my ruin.

Guard my heart, for it is easily deceived and is weak when presented with its longings.

Help me not to easily forget about your glory.

Give me clarity in my decisions as I intentionally live a life worthy of Your glory.

Guard my emotions, Father, that I may not be swayed by fear or greed.

Help me make wise decisions and to see with grace and Your will upon my everyday circumstances.

Teach me to say ‘no’, especially when the temptation seems good enough, and help me remember the greatness of your plan over my life.

I would rather choose what You have set for me rather than trade my eternal destiny for temporary pleasures.

Help me find refuge in Your sovereignty over my life, over my loved ones, over my business, career, and pursuits, and over my prayers and aspirations.

I declare I could reach them.

I want to honor you in every way possible.

In Jesus’ name I pray,

Amen 🙏

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