Prayer to Archangel Michael for Protection

Dear Archangel Michael,

Surround me with your protection throughout the day and the rest of my life.

You have been appointed by God to be of service by defending and protecting me.

With that, be at my side by defending me from the battles and storms that will come.

Guard me in all my ways and do not let me strike my foot against a stone.

Shield me against the snares and different wiles of the devil.

Do not let terror, nor arrows, nor pestilence, nor plagues come near and create havoc in my life.

No matter what is happening, let me feel your presence and help me remember you are at my side, fighting on my behalf.

Hold my hand and cover me as we walk through every season.

Use your sword to cut any strongholds, negative energy, doubt, and anyone that is wishing me bad and holding me back.

Do not allow their energy to affect my responses to my circumstances.

Rebuke and protect me from all the lies that the enemy keeps on whispering, and fill it with the unconditional love of Jesus Christ.

By giving safety and security, give me the courage to take the next steps of my life.

I also ask you to come to the aid and fight for my loved ones.

Always watch over them during their pilgrimage here on earth.

I entrust their lives as you will keep them from harm by wrapping them with your wings.

Cast the enemy into the hell for them not to ruin any more souls.

Thank you for your care and for always being there.

This I humbly pray to you, Archangel Michael,

And in Jesus’ name,

Amen ?

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