A Prayer for Married Couples

Dear Father in Heaven,

I thank You for the sacrament of marriage.

It is a covenant that enables, grows, and empowers two people to levels of increase in love, forgiveness, grace, and obedience to You.

I bring to you our marriage and that of the people.

I love and I pray You will always be the center of the covenant that we made for each other.

I pray that our marriage would be a worship experience as we both offer our bodies as living sacrifices —
holy and pleasing unto You, and free of sexual immorality in thought and in deed.

I pray that our marriage would be a picture of service as we both serve one another to honor You.

I pray for love towards You first as the core of any relationship.

That you will always be enthroned and be the true north as our marriage grows stronger with each passing day.

I bless our marriage with unlimited degrees of grace and forgiveness.

For it is a union of two sinners who, by grace, found each other and have made an eternally binding commitment before You, Lord.

May we continue with grace as the road up ahead is hard and is filled with failings and the best way to stay together is through forgiveness.

Fill our marriage with joy that is not simply a product of wellness but of love that endures beyond the steepest of mountains and darkness of valleys.

May we never see one another as enemies, for you have called us to be one.

Bless our union with Your presence daily.

In Jesus’ name I pray,

Amen ?

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