Prayer to Archangel Gabriel to Hear God’s Messages

Dear Archangel Gabriel,

I seek you to intercede for me at the throne of our Holy God.

I pray you will powerfully invoke His presence in my life.

I ask for you to bless me with the ability to communicate clearly and for it to be full of love.

Help me remove any confusion and illuminate my way, so that I may follow His path.

May I have the patience to listen and understand so that I can easily connect to others with full of compassion and love.

Archangel Gabriel, I pray I will have the same benefits as the Virgin Mary, whom you descended into the earth and announced that she was chosen to bear a child.

Thank you for guiding and helping me stand in the God’s truth.

For I also want to be a messenger of good news to the people who surround my life.

I pray you will take the lead and support my efforts as I see new possibilities on the horizon.

Make my mind be open to learn and discover while all God’s insights and ideas unfold.

Help me mold and create it for what He exactly envisioned and purposed.

May you also give me the knowledge and wisdom to have faith and understand His plans.

I pray for you to assist and give me the strength as I work to carry out my mission.

Let me know the sound of your voice so that I may listen to your nudges and whispers.

Help me realize fully the archangels’ reality and your desire to serve us.

I call on you Divine messenger, Archangel Gabriel,

Through Jesus Christ our Lord,

Amen ?

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