Prayer for More Joy & Laughter This Year

Dear Father in Heaven,

I thank You for the life You have blessed me with.

Though life has not been ideal, yet Your grace persists throughout my circumstances.

Knowing that You are close fills me with joy and gives me more than just confidence to face the uncertainties of this year.

I pray for a joy that does not depend merely on the wellness of things around me, but a joy that comes with Your presence in my life.

Therefore, help me to have an intimacy with You, Lord.

It is because what I really want could not be offered by this world.

I pray for courage to obey out of love because joy and laughter follow as I find myself in Your will.

The times ahead are uncertain, and trouble comes, but I rest in You.

My heart will be steady, my joy will be continuous, and I will laugh in the face of worry.

I will smile amid hardship, for You are my joy and laughter that continuously spring out of my mouth.

Help me not to look at my trials, but to look directly upon You, because I want to come out better and stronger than before.

I will rejoice in You, Lord, always.

Let your reasonableness be known to everyone.

Remind me, Lord, that You are at hand so that I will not be anxious about anything.

Give me visions of eternity and keep it in the forefront of my mind so that I will eternally be grateful.

Let Your joyful spirit take control of my life at all times.

In Jesus’ name I pray,

Amen ?

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