A Prayer of Deliverance from Suffering

Dear Father in Heaven,

You see my tears and know when I am feeling discouraged or in despair.

You know the sufferings I am enduring, and the multiple questions I have in mind.

The enemy has come and has ferociously hit me.

He made this battle of suffering so intense and this journey so exhausting.

Therefore, Lord, hear my cry for Your mercy.

Set me free by Your mighty hand and place an unbreakable hedge around me.

Bring deliverance and lead me to safety.

Lead me into Your place of glory and in the river of Your peace and clemency.

I surrender to You all that I have been through, for it is only You who can see me through.

All the problems, struggles, and fears.
All the hurts, pain, and disappointments.
All the debilitating sickness and illnesses.

Remember the deliverance You have brought to my forefathers.

For You are the same God who was with Daniel, Moses, and the others.

Give me joy over this sadness, and surround me with sweet songs of deliverance while I am going through this process.

Be my strength over this weakness and sustain me even in the worst circumstances.

Lord, make a way through this impossibility, and may a shift in my life take place.

You are a loyal God during my tribulations, and I am assured that You will be my rescue.

I pray You will guide me into the new doors – doors of healing, favor, and prosperity.

Cause me to be a great testimony so that I may help other people through the example of my journey.

I will move forward with trust and faith.

And I will not forget Your goodness and grace.

In Jesus’ name, I pray,

Amen ?

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