A Prayer to Our Lady of Lourdes

Dear Our Lady of Lourdes,

Holy virgin Mary, mother of God, who conceived a child that is without sin,

Do not forget the sorrows of this earth and the sufferings of your people.

May you hear me as I beseech you.

May you grant my requests not only for myself but also for other people.

Show mercy on us as you heal those who are sick in body and soul.

Sustain them with a mighty strength and hope.

Have pity on us for having rebellious hearts and weak faith.

Become a refuge for us, the sinners.

Intercede on our behalf and help us into conversion.

May we follow Christ, say yes for our calling, and rely on Him without hesitation.

May we be found available when called in every season.

And may you provide comfort to those who are distressed and help those who are deprived.

Our Lady of Lourdes, a blessed humble woman of the Most High,

Be my guide as I travail this life, for I desire holiness and to imitate your virtues.

I want to pray like you and bless you until eternity because of your loving kindness.

Therefore, teach me to also experience and spread the love of Christ.

Help me in proclaiming the coming of His kingdom.

For I come with confidence with your intercessions,
that we may be delivered from all the dangers even in our transgressions.

May your beauty warm our hearts to find peace in this world.

Our Lady of Lourdes, please pray for us,

and through your Son Jesus Christ,

Amen ?

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