A Prayer for Inner Peace

Dear Father in Heaven,

Today I humbly come before you to pray for inner peace.

I need to keep my mind on You and cast this whole weight of cares upon You.

Feel the weight of my heavy heart, for I seek to life up all my burdens to you.

I fully accept that I am a blessed child of God, and request to partake in your Your divine nature.

It is my inheritance.

It is my portion.

Lord, You can see the storms therefore I will fix my eyes on You.

Let me not drown when You let me walk into deep waters.

Let me not be overwhelmed whenever I face any difficult situation.

For You will keep me in perfect peace until all these pass through.

Lord, I pray for a spirit of stability.

I pray You would hold it together so that calmness will be natural in me.

Let your supernatural tranquillity manifest through me.

Teach me to go deeper in the counsel of Your word.

And help me establish and settle my faith in it.

Help me be full of understanding and discernment.

Let me be unrushed, unrestricted, and undistracted.

And even if the odds are against me, help me to be still and quiet.

Grant me rest because I know You are aware of my needs and when I need it.

I know You want to help me in life, whether in big or small decisions.

Therefore, guide me and give me inner promptings that will lead me.

Give me the inner voice which will authenticate my thoughts and feelings.

Grant me these for You are the Prince of peace.

In Jesus’ Name, I pray,


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