A Prayer for Our Loved Ones

Dear Father in Heaven,

I pray for the people who are special to me.

These are my loved ones who are also always there for me.

I plead the blood of Your Son, Jesus Christ, to wash, cleanse, and speak over my family.

And let Your Word satisfy them and me.

I pray they will live an enjoyable life with pleasantness and honor.

And let them eat the fruit of their labor with Your goodness, joy, and favor.

I stand in agreement with every family.

And I pray for salvation, deliverance, and forgiveness for their enemies.

Protect them from all evil, danger, and harm.

And we invite You to send an army of angels to cover and hide them.

Let Your heavenly army take away every darkness in their lives.

Pull down every sickness, diseases, worry, stress, oppression, depression, homosexuality, and perversion.

Take away every manipulation, addiction, pornography, and profanity.

And demolish every curse of my family, and in the generations to come.

Lord, I pray You will anoint them with Your Holy Spirit.

And I pray for You to release the spirit of wisdom, knowledge, and complete understanding.

Reveal to them Your steadfast love, strength, patience, and authority.

And let their life, passion, plans, and purposes be in line with Your will for them.

May they walk in Your Spirit for them to understand and celebrate You.

Because You are forever faithful and true.

You are Holy, that is why I praise You

And Lord, I rely only on You.

In Jesus’ name, I pray.

Amen 🙏

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