A Prayer for Difficult Times

Dear Father in Heaven,

I praise and honor You!

You are the rock where I stand in these difficult times.

My gracious and loving Father,

Even my world seems to fall apart, my heart is in deep pain, my mind is as restless as it can be,

my life is in shambles, and even when I am in this dire and difficult moment of my life,

Lord, I choose to praise and honor You now and forever!

Amid this difficult circumstance I have found myself in, I look into You.

I look into Your promises, Your Word, and Your Character.

I look into the finished work of Your Son, Jesus Christ, on the Cross.

I look into You because there is none truer than You.

You are my fortress and strength in this season.

You are Immanuel, my Father, God with us!

You will never leave me nor forsake me, therefore my lips will praise You.

I know, Lord, that even when I am in this difficult season of my life, this will not last long.

Give me the strength as I go through this trial I currently face.

Remind me that Your presence is with me.

Teach me what I need to understand and learn in these difficult times.

Lord, may my heart not wander away.

May it not look for other refuge but in You alone.

You are greater than the most difficult times in my life and I put whole my trust in You.

In Jesus’ name, I pray,

Amen 🙏

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