A Prayer for God’s Favor

Dear Father in Heaven,

Thank you for thinking about me and blessing me with Your goodness and mercy.

I pray You will continually favor me and let me be successful in all that I am doing.

Instill in me that I am not a failure because I carry Your presence wherever I go.

Move on my behalf, cause the tables to be turning, and let my disappointments turn into divine appointments.

Let Your spirit of excellence come upon me to become an overseer over others.

I pray I will carry a heavenly atmosphere of someone who can be relied and trusted on.

Let me become the head and not the tail.

Let me be a leader and not a follower.

Place Your hand upon me and let Your example shine through me.

Amaze not only me but everyone that is around me because this is all for Your glory.

Give me Your gifts and lead me into Your calling to manifest Your purposes.

Give me instant access and permissions to open a door of deliverance and help many people.

Cause me to advance in places that I will be loved and to be favored by people.

However, help me remember I do not have to win or impress them.

For I do not want to be their slave for approval, which will cause me a great sorrow.

But rather, let me remain in union with You for You to give me your everlasting approval.

I pray that whatever the enemy will do, it will still work for my good and I will fulfil my divine destiny.

In Jesus’ name, I pray,


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