A Prayer to be More Loving & Kind to Others

Dear Father in Heaven,

I lift every praise and worship to You because You alone deserve it!

Your loving-kindness is displayed every morning,

Your grace and mercy are new every day!

Lord, today I ask that You open my eyes, that I might see how You see the world.

I like to see how You see the people around me,

I like to see how You see that homeless man I pass by in the same corner every day,

I like to see how You see my colleagues who were burnt out.

I like to see how You see that stranger who is crying.

I like to see how You see my enemies – the ones that pull me down.

I like to see how You see everybody else, Lord.

And I pray, Lord, that as I see these people like how You have seen them.

I pray You will grant me a heart that is like Yours.

Your heart that is loving, kind, forgiving, caring, slow to anger, and is patient.

I pray to be more like You, Lord!

To more be like Your Son Jesus Christ who gave His life to me and the world that I live in.

Lord, forgive me for being too focused on myself and comfort at the expense of other people.

Take away all my fears, bitterness, hate, and chaos.

Transform me to act and feel in a way that I should.

Help me bless others without expectation.

In Jesus’ name, I pray,

Amen 🙏

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