A Prayer for Those Who are Lost

Dear Father in Heaven,

Today I choose to lift the highest praises and worship to You.

When I was in trouble, You have rescued me.

When I was on the brink of death, You have saved me.

When I was in deep shame and guilt, You have forgiven me,

When I was lost and wandering, You have found me!

Oh, how wide and great is Your love, Father!

Lord, today I ask and pray for the people who are lost.

I pray for those who are lonely.

I pray for those who felt the least.

I have been in their place, Lord.

I ask and pray that You will use me, Lord.

By Your grace, use me as a vessel where these people will know You.

That these people, the lost, the lonely, the Least will know that You love them and they are not forgotten.

Use me, Lord, so they will know that You have given us Your dearly beloved Son Jesus Christ

And through Your Son Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection,

We were rescued from our sins,

We were saved from the consequences of sins,

We were forgiven to start afresh,

We were found to have an ongoing love relationship with You.

Lord, may my life be a life of mission.

For the lost, that they might be found by You.

For the lonely, that they might be filled with Your joy.

For the least, that they might be satisfied in You.

Empower me Lord, to live and love like You do.

In Jesus’ Name, I pray

Amen 🙏

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