Prayer to Keep Us Grounded in Faith

Dear Father in Heaven,

Let my entire life be based on faith in You.

Let me trust and believe in You.

Let me not divert from it so You can fulfil Your promises to me too.

And Lord, let me not question Your instructions.

When it seems foolish, I know You will confound the wise through it.

And when I am obedient, I know You will give me the victory because of it.

I pray my faith will release Your power.

Wherein this faith will do what is impossible.

I also offer this as my form of worship.

And I hope You will be pleased by it.

Let me develop a trusting and reliable relationship with You.

For I want to grow, know You better, and depend on You.

I know my faith will eventually be tested.

There will be struggles and tribulations, just to see how deep it was planted.

That is why remind me that You are still on the throne.

Remind me You are in full control.

Remind me Your plans are for me.

That Your plans are to prosper and not harm me.

Let me stand in this unshakeable faith.

And silent the doubts, chaos, and confusion.

Make me strong in my weakness, let me hold in Your love that is steadfast.

And let me rely on Your grace that is sufficient.

There is no God that is like You.

There is no one beside You who can be compared to You.

In Jesus’ name, I pray.

Amen 🙏

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