A Prayer to be Filled with The Holy Spirit

Dear Father in Heaven,

My soul longs for You.

I need You more than ever.

Nothing in this world could fill this void that I feel.

Therefore, I open my heart to You.

I invite You to be in covenant with me.

You are welcome here.

You are welcome to move upon me and through me.

So, I pray You will fill me with Your Holy Spirt.

Fill me with Your fire, Your power, and Your authority.

Take hold of me and my human frailty.

Empower me in my weakness, especially in times where I do not know how to pray.

Let Your Holy Spirit intercede for me.

And let me discover Your mysteries when it dwells in me.

Remind me I am never alone.

Remind me that Your Spirit lives within me,
Because this is what You have promised when You descended into heaven.

So, let it lead me.

Let it mentor me to protect and guide me.

Let me not ignore that still and small voice who whispers to me.

And let me confidently say, “Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.”

May joy and gladness overflow because of it.

And let sorrow and sighing flee away.

Let me sing praises.

And let me dance in worship.

I pray there will be no more spiritual dryness.

And let rivers of Living water flow through me.

I submit to You my body, my soul, and spirit.

And let me bring You honor and pleasure.

In Jesus’ name, I pray,
Amen 🙏

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