A Prayer to Surrender to God

Dear Father in Heaven,

You know and see the challenges that are impending and what I am currently facing.

I know that you desire only good things for your children.

And so I seek to surrender myself to you.

Therefore, I lift to You all my troubles, fears, confusion, questions, and worries.

I surrender to You all my choices and God-given opportunities.

Lord, You have proven yourself worthy of my trust and dependency.

We have overcome obstacles together in the past as what I can recall in my memory.

Your strength carried me when I was weak and weary.

You gave me zeal because in You, I have victory.

Lord, resist any pride in me.

Let me humble myself and choose to lay it all to You.

While relying on everything to You,
Please nourish me, fill me, and equip me.

Excite me, energize me, and motivate me.

Keep me going despite of all these troubles I face.

And never abandon me.

Give me a vision to see where we are going.

For me to be inspired, even though this is what I am facing.

I know in the end, I will see my breakthrough.

So let me enjoy my journey with You.

Lord, You are in full control and I know Your plans are beautiful.

Plans to prosper me and not to harm me.
Plans to give me hope and a good future.

So let my commitment become a form of worship to You.

And may my faith bring glory to only You.

In Jesus’ name, I pray,

Amen 🙏

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