A Prayer for Courage to do the Right Thing

Dear Father in Heaven,

Let me not lose heart in doing the right thing.

Let me not grow tired and weary.

And let all that I do be done with passion and love.

Lord, speak to me constantly.

Release help to me.

And bring significant people whom I can discuss what could the right thing be.

In due time, I will reap Your remarkable rewards bountifully.

So, encourage me to look unto You.

Remind me to keep praying, inquiring, and seeking You.

But even if I will not hear from You,
Send me glimmers of hope and assurance.

Let me not to be tempted to rush.

Let me not be quick to decide.

So, I can do what is right in your eyes.

I do not want to struggle with wrong choices,
Because I know how it affects my life.

It will also affect my family and everyone that surrounds me.

So, I ask Lord for You to lighten my eyes,
Let me understand and become a steward in the mysteries of Your kingdom.

Show me new and mighty things and unhid the hidden things.

Instruct me and let me not walk in the counsel of the ungodly.

Deliver me and hide me under You, my Almighty.

And lastly, let me be obedient.

Because all of these will be nothing if I will not be obedient.

Do not let me be like Jonah, who will run away from You.

In Jesus’ name, I pray.

Amen 🙏

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