A Prayer for Ukraine

Dear Father in Heaven,

I pray for wisdom on how to pray effectively.

This is urgent, and my heart is heavy.

I am very upset and distressed by what I am seeing in the news.

So, I come boldly to ask for Your peace and mercy.

Lord, I pray for You to descend Your angels from heaven to protect Ukraine.

At the same time, send down your angels to also touch the heart the Russian leader, Vladimir Putin.

Let me not be filled with anger or hatred, for it is by Your LOVE that evil shall be overcome.

Rescue Your people – the children, their families, and the church.

And remember, You are against deception and division.

Lord, You are holy, faithful, and You are a Father of peace.

So, show them Your power, Your love, and amazing grace.

Bring back law and order, agreement, and reconciliation.

Because there is nothing better than living in a world where there is harmony and unity.

Lord, be strong on Ukraine’s behalf because they need You now in this crisis.

Let them trust You, for You are on the throne, and You are still in full control.

Give them wisdom on what they must do.

For the innocent people to be safe from this siege, danger, and feud.

I ask for a divine miracle because with You, nothing is impossible.

I stand in agreement with the prayers of other people for the deliverance of Ukraine from the hands of this Russian nation.

Lord, it is not only Ukraine and Russia who are affected by this invasion.

But Your people around the world reap from what is happening on this ongoing war.

You alone are God and You will save Your people.

This I humbly ask and pray,

In Jesus’ name,

Amen 🙏

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