A Prayer for An End to War

Dear Father in Heaven,

Oh, how I love and appreciate your magnificent creation.

This impressively beautiful place was made for us to live to bring You honor.

But it grieves my heart when I hear war and destruction.

This greediness, anger, and violence are never the answer.

So, I urgently pray for You to diminish these actions.

Because these wars results to pain, bloodshed, misery, and devastation.

Lord, I pray for Your never-ending peace and mercy.

I pray for an unwavering unity and harmony.

I pray there will be a divine agreement and unison in the minds of the people, especially the leaders.

And I pray You will lead them as You give them the understanding of how Your kingdom works.

Lord, let wars come to an end and let love reign.

May forgiveness be known in their hearts and enlighten their minds.

May the people think of our future generation, and instil in them that tranquillity, compassion, respect, and law and order are better.

May justice triumph and remind them You are still God.

May they be awakened that Your divine plans and purposes will be fulfilled and goodness will still win.

I pray that we, Your people, will live in a safe and secure world.

Where understanding, love, empathy, freedom, and respect are observed.

Lord, You are our hope.

There is no other God who is like You.

You own the universe and everything in it.

That is why help us with this urgent cry and need.

In Jesus’ name, I pray,

🙏 Amen 🙏

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