A Prayer for Spiritual Rehabilitation

Dear Father in Heaven,

I am grateful to have a Father who is a Great Physician, who can heal every wound, every hurt, and every pain.

You were pierced for our transgressions,
You were crushed for our iniquities,
the punishment that brought us peace was suffered by You,
and by Your wounds we are healed.

As a child of God, I renounce sickness, injury, and disability.

I pray for a divine and spiritual health.

I pray for the restoration of my soul and my body.

I pray that even my rehabilitation process is long and laborious, I will arrive in Your divine purpose.

May this journey, delays, and deferred hope will be exchanged with a rest that will result to a sound mind, body, and spirit.

May You improve the way I do my daily activities.

May it work together for my good to give You honor and glory.

May I have a strong, sound, and clear mind to be able to decide clearly.

May I have a fit body and great strength to make the works of my hand not die but flourish.

May I be stable emotionally to follow Your will without delay and hesitation.

And may I be strong spiritually to strengthen our relationship and intimacy.

Lord, I put my whole trust in You.

By Your grace, I will have the confidence that You have will mercy on me.

You have the power to give life that will flow through the depths of my soul.

In Your presence, I will abide.

In Jesus’ name, I pray,

🙏 Amen 🙏

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