A Prayer for Him

Dear Father in Heaven,

I pray for the man You have planned and destined for me.

May You reveal Yourself to him and how such a good Father You are.

May He open His heart to You and put You first in all things especially in things, that matter.

May he lower his pride and be willing to yield to You with humbleness and trust.

May You guide him by filling him with Your wisdom and knowledge.

May you bless Him abundantly above and beyond all He can think or imagine
So, He may be able to bless others.

May You protect him from all the wiles of the enemy.

May You shield and cover him physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially so, he may resist temptation.

Grant him peace so whenever he may encounter a situation that will cause him pain,
You are there to remind him that everything will be okay.

And when the time comes that he will ask you of me, I pray he will be ready.

I pray He is fully invested in You so that our relationship exists to please and glorify You.

Give us the strength to overcome any challenges and grow together as a husband and wife.

Lead us to Your righteousness and I pray we will have he courage to obey You.

May Your favor rest within us and in the family that we will be having.

And even when we both found each other, I pray that You will still be our priority.

Therefore, give us the grace to put You first.

In Jesus’ name, I pray,


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