Lord, Refurbish My Home with Your Grace

Dear Father in Heaven,

I come to You today with a grateful heart.

I appreciate all that You have done and provided me.

You are an unchangeable God, and Your love for me is steadfast, faithful, and unconditional.

Therefore, I pray You will fill my home with Your divine presence.

Let Your glory shine through my dwelling place.

May my house and those who dwell in it enjoy Your light, Your favor, and Your glory.

Lord, enter our home and restore the love and the fire in our hearts that is eager to please You.

May You renew it so that I may have a new perspective.

It will grant me a new hope, and a kingdom mindset.

May I take pleasure in how You design it to be.

And that renovation will lead me to accomplish Your plans and who I am destined to be.

Build, improve, and re-equip my home.

May the elaborated plans and blueprint be complete, not lacking anything, have unlimited supply,
and an overflow to serve its purpose.

May You be the Rock that is its firm foundation that even the winds may blow, mountains may tumble, and earth may tremble, it will not be moved.

I will put my trust in You as You protect it from the enemy’s destructive plots and schemes.

May my home and my strength will not easily collapse, for I know You will protect and bless it.

I pray for You to build and make progress in its many areas.

And as I will enter there will be rest, for You are my fortress.

In Jesus’ name, I pray,

Amen 🙏

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