Prayer for Awakening of the Spirit (The 7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit)

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen.
Dearest Spirit of the Living God, I stand in humility with an open heart yearning for calling.
My Eternal Comforter, awaken my spirit that I may grow in Your divine love and enrich my understanding through the gifts of Your Holy Spirit.

I pray for the gift of wisdom, that heavenly virtue which transforms the mundane into the divine.
Let it wash over me, eradicating ignorance and illuminating my soul with the light of Your eternal truth.
Unfurl within me the wisdom of Solomon, who recognized true value not in fleeting treasures but in discernment and understanding.

God, grant me the gift of understanding as I go about my daily endeavors.
May it break down the walls of confusion that encircle me, and bring clarity to the mazes of my life.
Unveil the profundity of Your Word, and let my heart reverberate with the echoes of Your truth.
Uncloud my eyes and allow me to perceive the boundless beauty of Your creation.

Breathe into me Your counsel, that I may navigate life’s uncertainties with unwavering faith.
Let the complexities of my existence be untangled by Your divine guidance, steering me away from tempestuous decisions.
Anchor within me the tranquility of Your divine will and let me never stray too far from your path.

Grant me the fortitude to weather the storms that may rage against me.
May it be the beacon that lights my path when shadows of fear and doubt threaten to overwhelm me.
Embolden me, Lord, to overcome obstacles with unwavering courage.
Let me never be afraid to stand up for your truths and to champion for good with clear conviction.

Instill in me the gift of knowledge, that I may comprehend the depths of Your divine mysteries.
May it be the key that unlocks the boundless wisdom hidden within Your Word, revealing to me the profound truths about You.
Guide me as to when I should speak, and when I should act.
Let me never make frivolous actions without your guidance in my life.

Bless me with piety, that I may love You with a fervor that eclipses all earthly passions.
May this love engulf my being, setting my heart ablaze with an insatiable desire to fulfill Your will.
Let me yearn for your presence, not out of obligation but because of an overflowing love for You.

And lastly, I beseech the gift of fear of the Lord.
Not a terror that paralyzes, but a profound reverence that liberates.
A fear that draws me closer to You and humbles me, reminding me of my rightful place before Your Majesty.
It’s this awe that will spur me into a life of holiness and remain ever cognizant of Your omnipresence.

As I seek these gifts, Holy Spirit, let my heart be a fertile ground for their flourishing.
Transcend my human frailties and base instincts so that I may be forged anew in the virtues of Christ.
Through this awakening, let me radiate Your light, illuminating the lives of those around me.

🙏In Your Holy Name we pray, Amen.🙏

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