Your Message From Christ:

You Must Ignore This Biggest Lie of Satan Before It’s Too Late

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Today you are called to be vigilant and stay on your guard against one of the biggest lies of the adversary. It is a toxic untruth that has clouded the hearts of many unknowingly, but has very significant repercussions.

The reason this lie is so dangerous is because it causes you to live in constant fear and anxiety, subconsciously separating yourself from the divine relationship and redemptive promises of God. Yet this lie is far from the truth and today, we shall uproot this falsity and replace it with God’s illuminating light.

You Are Worthy

Satan’s insidious plan involves undermining your faith and focus by convincing you that you’re unworthy of my divine love and mercy. My dearest this is the biggest falsehood that has gripped the lives of so many brothers and sisters. Too many people believe that their sins have made them unworthy of the beautiful love and salvation of the Heavenly Father.

If you believe this, you are doing the exact opposite of what God wants for you. It is essential that you do not let this lie take root in your heart for it is easy at the start to mistaken this limiting belief as “humility”. True humility is recognizing your faults and seeking forgiveness. It is pointless to live in a cycle of self-blaming and regret. This goes against every one of my teachings and does not bring any love into the world – in fact the opposite as it only causes self-loathing to fester.

The only person that can decide whether or not you are worthy is the Lord. Do not let your self-doubt take precedence over the authority of God in your life. If I decree that you are worthy, then no one can challenge this truth. Let nothing and no one stop you from reconciliation with God.

Always remember my child, the words of Romans 8:38-39,

“For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

You Are Immeasurably Loved

God knows that you are not perfect but your past those not define you who are and who you ought to be. Abandon all limiting beliefs for the Lord has decided in His infinite wisdom that you are not only worthy of His love, but also chosen to be a part of His salvation.

Who are you to challenge that which the Lord has declared as the truth?

My child, you are more than good enough for my love and mercy. The essence of our relationship is not based on your ability to always be virtuous or perfect. It lies in your willingness to open your heart to my divine love and mercy, to invite me into your life, and to willingly partake in our shared spiritual journey.

Our divine relationship is not meant to be a burden of guilt but a refuge for love to flourish in every nook and cranny. It’s a relationship meant to uplift you, not weigh you down. My child, when you stumble and falter, my love does not waver. You are not defined by your missteps, but by your resilience and your desire to return to the path I have set for you.

Rise Above the Deception

Dearest one, there is no falsehood more destructive than the one that seeks to undermine your divine worth. You are precious in my eyes. You are worthy of love, worthy of mercy, and worthy of the glorious future that I have planned for you.

Remember this as you navigate through life. When Satan whispers in your ear replace his deception with my truth. You are a cherished part of my divine plan, and there is nothing that can ever separate you from my love.

I urge you dear one, to ignore this biggest lie of Satan before it’s too late. Rekindle the divine relationship that is your birthright, replace the toxic untruth with my affirming love, and focus on the path that leads back to me. For in me, you are more than good enough, you are my beloved child.

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