What Does This Unusual Parchment Mean For You?

A Sign of Renewed Blessings

When I looked, behold, a hand was put forth to me; and, behold, a scroll of a book was therein;

Did you know that the ancient symbol of a scroll holds deep spiritual significance that stretches from antiquity to eternity? It is an embodiment of divine wisdom and the testimony of an age-old promise.

Imagine yourself holding an unrolled parchment, engraved with words of ancient wisdom. This, in its simplicity, represents a covenant, a sacred agreement, a promise between God and man. But, the story it tells is not as simple as its form. It is a story of broken trust and an unyielding love that sought to mend what was once shattered.

The parchment represents a sacred covenant between God and man, your divine connection to the Lord. 

Man has faltered before, and in doing so lost the divine connection and right to God’s kingdom. And yet He has turned our despair into hope by granting as redemption once more with a renewed covenant through Christ.

You have been called today to renew your covenant with the Lord, that you may bask in His eternal radiance. To acknowledge the sacrifice of Christ that transformed a broken promise into a renewed contract of eternal life.

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