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A Tale of 2 Sheep: Fear & Faith

Puffy and Fluffy had embarked on an epic adventure, navigating through numerous hills and valleys. Their guardian, a wise shepherd, had guided them across treacherous mountain paths, through the echoing depths of a shadowy cavern, and they now found themselves in a lush meadow, where the distant echoes of wild creatures stirred the air.

“This journey’s been a rollercoaster of peril,” Puffy lamented, her voice tinged with weariness. “Remember that heart-stopping moment when I lost my footing on the mountain trail? I’ve never faced such a daunting descent before.”

“Ah, but remember how swiftly our shepherd came to your aid?” Fluffy chimed in with a note of optimism. “He’s been our steadfast guide through every twist and turn. Even when the path seemed unclear to us, he knew the way forward. And I trust he still does.”

“Yet, what about the eerie sounds that pierced the night?” Puffy couldn’t hide her concern. “I was convinced we were moments away from facing a fearsome beast.”

“I felt that fear too,” Fluffy admitted, “but then I saw our shepherd, ever vigilant, weapon in hand, ready to protect us. He won’t let harm come our way, Puffy. I’m going to savor this moment of peace and graze to my heart’s content.”

With a sense of resolve, Fluffy began to feast on the lush greenery beneath her. Puffy, however, was still caught up in her whirlwind of worries.

“What lies ahead for us? What if our path skirts the edge of a cliff? The very thought sends shivers down my spine,” she fretted.

The mention of a cliff sent a ripple of fear through Fluffy, but then she anchored herself in the thought of their guardian’s unwavering presence. “Given all the perils we’ve weathered under his watchful eye, I believe he’ll keep us safe, even on the brink of a precipice,” she reassured Puffy, her attention returning to the delectable pasture beneath them.

Puffy was however fixated on the distant sounds of the wild and the challenging journey they had endured, her thoughts swirling around the obstacles they had faced, rather than the protection their shepherd had provided.

“The Lord is my shepherd; there is nothing I shall want. In green pastures he makes me lie down; to still waters he leads me; he restores my soul. He guides me along right paths for the sake of his name. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff comfort me.”
– Psalm 23

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The story of Puffy and Fluffy is not just a tale of adventure but a profound allegory that mirrors our spiritual journey, guided by the ultimate Shepherd. You see both Puffy and Fluffy had the exact same experiences, but they both had very different state of minds that influenced their spiritual well-being and happiness. One was filled with faith, whilst the others full of negative soul-draining thoughts.

Although in this story we use the metaphor of sheep and shepherd, the truth is that such a scenario is all too common in our everyday lives! There are those that seek to spread negativity and pessimism everywhere they go (most of the time they don’t even realize it!), and there are those who let their absolute faith lead the way.

Take a moment to reflect today which sheep are you closer to? Do you trust God with your plans or do you only focus on the pessimistic side of things. Remember that God’s teachings are founded upon Hope, and undue pessimism has no place in His kingdom.

Faith Always Overcomes Fear

Just as the shepherd led Puffy and Fluffy safely through dangerous terrains, God guides His followers through the uncertainties and hardships of life. The words of Psalm 23 offer us much comfort and reassurance of God’s divine hand upon us, shielding us from all harm.

Puffy’s fears and anxieties reflect our own when faced with the unknown. Her fixation on potential dangers mirrors how we often focus on our problems rather than the presence of God in our midst. Fluffy’s optimism and trust in the shepherd’s guidance offer a stark contrast, teaching us the importance of faith even in the face of fear.

Despite the fears and doubts that may arise, nothing may overcome the love that God has for His children.

The Psalm 23 Prayer

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