How to Communicate with God Through Your Angels & Saints

In the grand scheme of existence, the divine realm operates like a complex yet harmonious network. The system is akin to an invisible web of connections and channels, linking us to God through our angels and saints. Each prayer we whisper, each plea we voice, gets transmitted across this intricate network, reaching the divine throne of the Lord.

Deciphering the Network of Divine Communication

Sometimes, the noise in our lives – the clamor of our desires, fears, and uncertainties – can disrupt this system. The challenge, my dear, lies in differentiating between the devil’s cunning whispers and God’s righteous calling.

Our fears and desires often echo the devil’s voice, luring us towards shortcuts, false comforts, and empty promises. But God’s voice, dear child of light, is a gentle yet unwavering beacon of truth, love, and courage.

Differentiating between the voice of God and the voice of the devil may seem so straightforward, but the truth is that it’s often not that simple. Thankfully saints and angels that watch over us have been tasked with our guidance and protection. When we spend time in prayer & meditation with God, we will be given clarity, direction, & discernment to help us know which voice is which.

The voice of the Lord will lead us on a path that aligns with His work and His Will for us. Through our angels & saints, we can receive guidance on how to stay grounded in the Lord and follow His path throughout life. In addition to having a direct line of communication with God, being connected to our angels & saints helps to keep us away from temptation and sin; therefore allowing us to stay focused on following God’s plan for our lives.

Recognizing the Voices of Your Guardians

Just as we learn to recognize the voices of our loved ones, we can tune our spiritual ears to distinguish the guidance of our angels and saints. They whisper words of comfort, counsel, and courage, helping us to navigate the tumultuous seas of life. They stand as intermediaries, bridging the gap between us and God, ensuring the steadfastness of our faith amidst life’s storms.

Recognizing the signs and callings from angels and saints requires an open heart and mind. Pay attention to any strong feelings of love, guidance, or protection that come to you unexpectedly. Listen for subtle messages or nudges that come in the form of a whisper or soft feeling in your heart. These could be signs from your guardian angel or a saint.

Recognize any unique symbols that keep appearing in your life, whether it’s in books you randomly pick up or conversations you have with strangers. This could be an angel trying to get your attention. Lastly, take time to meditate and open yourself up to receive their guidance by setting the intention to do so.

Listen carefully for these guardians in the quiet corners of your soul. There, amidst the silences, they whisper words of divine wisdom.

Your Angelic System: A Compass for Steadfast Faith

Your angels and saints are like a compass guiding your journey, a spiritual GPS system that leads you towards God’s will. Their voices won’t resonate with fear or self-doubt, but with a comforting certainty that echoes God’s love for you. Harnessing this divine navigation system can help you remain steadfast in faith, no matter how choppy the seas around you become.

Just as the tree remains rooted despite the storms, the guidance of your angels and saints can anchor your faith, enabling you to stand tall amidst life’s trials.

“So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.”

2 Corinthians 4:18

Let Us Pray

May the whispers of my angelic guardians guide me towards my divine purpose.
May the saints that watch over me grant grace, wisdom and courage to follow in their righteous example.
May their words strengthen my faith and fortify my soul, reminding me of God’s enduring love.
May I remain steadfast and courageous, trusting in the divine plan etched out for me.
May I always be connected to the vast spiritual network that God has created, and always be bound by His love.
Through struggle, temptation, pain and suffering, I shall overcome by the grace of God.
For I am a child of Light, I am loved and worthy.


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