The Road to Spiritual Rehabilitation

Old habits die hard.

Everybody has their silent battles with old habits. We loved to do them and they are rooted in our lives over time such that it is now difficult to shed them off. Indeed, old habits die hard and for this reason, the road to spiritual rehabilitation is rough. What are you struggling with? It could be an addiction to drugs, gambling, insulting other people, or stealing. Do not despair because it is possible to put it all behind you and open a new chapter in your life.

Moving on.

You will face resistance in your quest to let go of harmful habits. The people you expected to hold your hand in your road to recovery could be the same ones who abandon you in the middle of nowhere. You have to rise and dust yourself off because you can push the reset button of your life by yourself. Here are some of the ways you can do it:

1. Detaching from toxic friends.

Bad company has been the undoing of many people. It could be what is holding you back from making the bold step of starting a new chapter. Friends who inducted you into the old habits that you are seeking to abandon cannot help you to move on. They will not want to lose your company. Separate yourself from them and you will wean yourself off their habits bit by bit. It may appear difficult at the beginning but it is not impossible. You had a life of your own even before you met them. You need to go back to it so that you figure out your next move from there. It is your neutral spot.

2. Build new habits to replace the old.

We can hardly live in a vacuum. A good habit has to replace the bad one. You need to find new ways of doing things on your road to Damascus. If you initially spent your time gambling, what will you do with this time now that you are no longer into it? Adopting Godly habits is one way of the new replacing the old. You can volunteer to do social work, get involved in sports, or start a business outside the territory of your old habits. Time will heal your old memories of your initial harmful habits. This decision is long overdue. Walk into God’s destiny of your life today by pressing the reset button.

3. Unlearning bad beliefs.

Ignorance is probably the main reason you got yourself into harmful habits. You may have believed it was your highway to freedom. The single most important thing for you right now is to unlearn all the bad beliefs you held. Have a new and informed perspective of your beliefs and you will become a new man. The next thing is to learn about the new ways of God. He will sustain you in your new journey and you will realize progress. This is what resetting your life means – complete renewal of your mind.

4. Strengthening your faith in God.

God should take the driver’s seat in your life if you want to push the reset button. He is the destination of your journey to spiritual rehabilitation. Grow your faith in Him and He shall give you a new purpose. Your initial harmful habits weakened your faith in Him. Strong faith is the cure to letting go of them. Starting a new life without any attachment to the past is not an easy task. It is only possible with a strong faith in God. You will lapse back to your old ways if you lose faith midway.

5. Mental preparedness.

Pushing the reset button of a life that you have invested years in is not as simple as it may look. You need to be mentally prepared to start a new one. Be aware of the repercussions of choosing to start over. You may lose the support of friends or even appear as an outcast. You should be ready to brave any challenges ahead. Appreciate the beautiful life you will have when you let go of your current harmful habits. The battle between good and bad is first won in the mind before it is manifested.

6. Take a cost-benefit analysis of your decision.

The surest way of taking the bold step of pushing the reset button is doing a cost-benefit analysis of your life. What is the benefit of letting go of harmful habits? Of course, they are plenty. This will clear any questions you may have that delay such an important decision. A positive habit change is highly welcomed. It will open new doors of opportunities that you were unaware of. This is the progress we all want.

Time to Revitalize Your Spirit!

The promise of a smooth journey to spiritual rehabilitation is untrue. What is sure is that it will mark a turning point in your life. Do not delay the decision to press the reset button. Your future self shall thank your present self for that bold decision.

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