A Prayer for Strength Against Temptation

Dear Father in Heaven,

Everyday I awaken with renewed vigour to never stray from my walk of faith.

I pray for the strength to stay awake spiritually so that I will not be the victim of temptation.

Your Word promises me that I shall not be tempted beyond what I can bear.

Sometimes, I am faced with situations where the devil tempts me with terrible desires.

Though the flesh is weak, I know you will empower my soul and strengthen my resolve.

With you, I am more powerful than I have ever been.

Lord, you have overcome Satan’s temptations and I yearn to learn from you.

You are greater than all the evil and sins combined in the world.

Fill me with the power of the Holy Spirit so I emerge stronger.

I ask for your strength to face temptation and fight it.

Let my heart obey your Word.

Amen 🙏

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