A Morning Prayer for Guidance

Dear Father in Heaven,

I have always been told that I can ask you for whatever I need,

If I would just ask, it will be given.

If I ever wanted to seek, I will find it.

Today I have come to you to seek your guidance,

I have entrusted you with my decisions and my future.

With utmost faith, I lean on you with all my heart and submit myself to you.

Help me in my path to nurture the discipline in spiritual faith,

and allow me to receive all that you have to share with me.

In these everyday quiet private mornings with you,

may I push aside the distractions of social media,

put aside the blind commitments to a “busy” life,

and block out any attempts to drown out your sacred voice of guidance.

Protect me from harm as I listen to your words every morning.

In Jesus’ name I pray,

Amen 🙏

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