Prayer to Our Lady of Fatima

Dear Blessed Lady of Fatima,

Surround me with the light that comes from your hands.

As you appeared to the children of Fatima, I meditate on the mysteries of the glorious message that you have revealed.

Inspire me with a sincere love to recite the holy Rosary, for you are the honor and the refuge of the people.

You came to help the faithful and amended the lives of those who asked for pardon of their sins.

Therefore, I pray for our country, sanctify our clergy, and guide those who govern us.

Cure those who are sick, console the sorrowful, and make the Catholics more fervent.

May we gather more fruits of salvation and increase the conversion of the sinners and afflicted.

May they will know your compassion, peace, and mercy.

May I imitate your virtues so that I may share in your glory and bless you in eternity.

Immaculate Mary, who conceived without sin, you know my wants, my troubles, and my sufferings.

Therefore, I need your mother’s love as I surrender myself to you.

I want to sing praises to you even in the times of sorrow and fear.

Amidst the deprivation, illness, or calamity, show me your strength and your mantle of protection.

Give us the triumph and lead us to God.

May I use your teachings and obtain the grace that I ask you in this prayer.

May all the souls who have departed also find salvation.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us now and at the hour of our death.

Intercede for us and grant our requests, through Jesus Christ our Lord,

Amen 🙏

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