Prayer For When You Feel Like Giving Up

Dear Father in Heaven,

I thank you for coming to me today.

You being there, is always a mighty win for me.

The tides of life have not been kind lately.

Sometimes I feel like I am drowning and gasping to breathe and then another would crash over me.

Because of that I am scared and desperate.

I am fighting against failure from my own choices, and I am disappointed about many things.

I am on the verge of throwing in the towel, and I ask for hope.

Give me hope, Lord, that somehow the tides will turn.

I pray You hear my cries and have counted my tears.

I struggle to press on, but I know breakthrough is just around the bend.

Therefore, strengthen me to fight and to keep holding on.

Teach me, Lord, that the battle is Yours and Your glory must come first in my life.

For You will fight for Your children, and You can turn the tides of my hardship.

I believe nothing is too big nor too hard for You.

As I press on, teach me to place my confidence in Your love – a love that fought for me 2000 years ago on that cross.

As a result, my eternal destiny was fought for and sealed!

Help me remember that my current struggle is nothing compared to what Jesus Christ has endured to get me, and He has never given up.

Grant me the strength to overcome Lord.

In Jesus’ name I pray,

Amen ?

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