Prayer for Spiritual Healing

Dear Father in Heaven,

I believe in Your infinite power and mercy.

Only You know my entire story and fully understand my wounds and hurts from what I have been to.

I lay before You all my despair and frustrations.

And all the anger, unforgiveness, and hate that I feel towards other people.

Release me from all spiritual attachments.

And break its chains and its strongholds.

I am giving You the consent to dig deeper and search my innermost being.

Inspect where I bleed the most.

Help me remember Your forgiveness and bring my spirit to life.

For You already bought me at a price by dying on that cross.

You carried my griefs, crucified by my transgressions, and that is why by Your stripes I am healed.

My body and spirit belong to You.

Therefore, I ask to for You to restore me to my spiritual health.

You alone can restore this tired soul, Lord.

So heal me that I may be in full perfection of Your purity.

Cleanse me and wash away everything that is not of Your standard.

And let Your power cast away everything that is gripping me.

I surrender to Your loving care.

Touch my spirit, make me whole, and fill me with Your hope.

It is because my body is a temple of Your Holy Spirit, and I desire wholeness to be of service in Your kingdom.

May I manifest Your touch so that others may see it.

And let my restored spiritual health overflow, so that I may touch and heal others.

May I feel a vitality of happiness and ever-increasing power to enjoy the life You have given.

Set my paths straight and sustain me by Your grace.

May I bring back to you the glory.

In Jesus’ name, I pray,

Amen ?

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