Short Prayer for Wisdom

Dear Father in Heaven,

You know I want to live wisely and enjoy every opportunity that comes my way.

Therefore, increase my knowledge and understanding by meditating on Your Word day and night.

You have said that whenever I lack it, I will just ask.

For You will just give it generously and without reproach.

I am grateful that this wisdom I am learning is becoming a part of my foundation.

And let it be in alignment with Your truth, and Your plans.

When You reveal a great detail of Your insights and revelation, set me apart and prepare my heart.

And lead me in Your paths of righteousness and new doors, for Your name’s sake.

Lord, I do not want to end up in the wrong track.

So please may You show me where and how I must strategically I stand.

Awaken me and light my eyes to know how rich and glorious is Your everlasting inheritance.

And may Your glory come forth from generations to generations and into the four corners of the earth.

Grant me the wisdom to know Your deepest mysteries and intimate secrets.

For I desire and hunger for Your truth and Your enlightenment, I am excited about what is yet to be discovered, so bring all the darkness into light.

Lord, Your ways are higher than my ways and Your thoughts are higher than my thoughts.

Therefore, let me not boast of my strength but exalt You who have all the understanding.

I will build my life upon a Solid Rock and help me not to be conformed in this world, but instead have the discernment to know what is good, and perfect in Your sight.

In Jesus’ name, I pray,


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