A Prayer for the Salvation of God

Father in Heaven,

Oh, how You have loved me with an everlasting love!

That you have sent Your Beloved Son Jesus to rescue me from my sins and pride.

I was lost but You came to rescue my soul, which is in dire need of saving.

I have seen how I run my life, but my pride has kept me away from a life You have prepared for me.

I have seen how my sin has blinded me from Your grace.

I hid and thought that You would not welcome me anymore.

I have seen how my sin caused pain and hurt to the people around me especially to those whom I love.

I have seen how my sin destroyed me and I know, Father, that You alone can rescue me.

I have heard about Your love that was displayed on the Cross of Calvary through your Beloved Jesus Christ who took the fall just to save my soul.

I have heard about Your gift of forgiveness.

That my past, present, and future sins are wiped clean.

Even I, Father would not understand such forgiveness.

But I have heard of about Your grace.

Your amazing grace that would empower me to live a holy life that You have prepared and purposed specifically for me.

How great is Your love for me,

How great is Your faithfulness,

How amazing is Your grace!

Father forgive me for every sin that I caused against You.

Forgive me for every sin I have done against the people You and I loved.

Forgive me Father,
I place my trust and faith in the finished work of the Cross where Your Son Jesus bled for me,

Grant me the Holy Spirit that I may live as a new creation.

A life where You are the Lord of all.

I pray for these,

In Jesus Christ, my Lord, and my Savior,

Amen ?

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