A Prayer for Family Harmony

Dear Father in Heaven,

You are the Lord over my life and over my family.

I praise and honor You, for You have kept us well and safe.

Lord, today I come to You to pray for them.

For my family to live with peace,

For my family to grow in love,

For my family to be in harmony with You and with one another.

Lord, sometimes our imperfections cause disarrays, quarrel, and misunderstanding.

We sometimes experience into confusion that raises questions if we really love one another.

Lord, You know we love each other.

That is why I do not want any confusion or division in my family.

Help us with our imperfections and weaknesses.

Keep us in harmony with You and with each other.

Be in the center of our hearts and lead us.

For You are the author of family, and You have beautifully designed it.

I beseech Your forgiveness Lord.

There are times I lose patience easily.

There are times I am the opposite of what You ask for us in Your Word;

To be “slow to speak and quick to listen.”

While I am quick to speak and slow to listen.

Lord, forgive me,
Lord, change me,

Give me the grace to be the catalyst and protector of harmony in my family.

By Your Holy Spirit, may we keep the bond of peace that transcend all understanding.

May we keep the unfailing love and harmony within our family.

I pray all these things,

In Jesus’ Name

Amen 🙏

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