A Prayer for Workplace Harmony

Dear Father in Heaven,

I worship and adore who You are.

Your love never fails, and You give me strength for each day.

I thank You, Lord, for Your constant promise and unchangeable character.

Today I humbly come to You in prayer as I bring my workplace to You.

You have created work and have given us the ability to work.

It is a blessing to wake up every day, knowing that I have one today.

As nothing is hidden from You, and there are some days that I feel that my work drains my being.

My boss sometimes depletes me, my colleague sometimes reduces me, and my schedule sometimes exhausts me.

Lord, I come to You because there is harmony in Your being.

So, I pray that You will grant it in my workplace.

I pray for cooperation, unity, balance, and symmetry.

I pray for fellowship, rapport, peace, and sympathy.

From every person behind our company, I ask for Your anointing and blessings.

Bless the company where I work and its system.

Bless the owner, my superiors, my juniors, and the maintenance keepers.

It is because whatever they are going through might affect their emotions and the way they do their job too.

Most importantly, Lord, may You be known in my workplace.

There will only be true harmony if we are in harmony with You.

Let me be a catalyst and keeper of harmony in the workplace.

May we bring You all the glory.

In Jesus’ name, I pray

Amen 🙏

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