Relying on Your Advisors

Today’s message is a strong reminder that you are not alone in your endeavors. Whilst life may present dangers & challenges in front of you, God wants you to know that he has specially placed his Heavenly host along the way to make sure that you have all the guidance you need.

It’s not to assemble the right team of advisors in your life, thankfully God has already put your dream team together! Following the advice and guidance of your patron saints, will help you to grow spiritually, enjoy a life of abundance and steer clear of any debt and burdens that are eating up your time. Most importantly is the development of your faith and growing closer to God’s promise of eternal life.

St. Michael – Life Protection

angel michael4

Just as St. Michael easily overcame the Devil and trust him back down to the depths of Hell, so to will he watch over you and ensure that you are well-guarded in all areas of your life. He is your heavenly advisor, guardian and protector who you can rely on in times of danger or whenever you are in need of protection.

St. Matthew – Your Financial Advisor

St. Matthew is the patron saint of financial needs and is working daily to ensure that your finances are well taken care of. He wants you to know that you do not require riches and tons of assets to enter into the kingdom of Heaven. God will provide all that you need to live a fulfilled life as long as you trust in Him and keep the faith alive in your hearts and homes.

Turn to St. Matthew in times of financial distress or when the stress of bills & expenses are getting too overwhelming and trust in His divine intervention for your most urgent needs.

St. Peter – Justice Attorney


As the father of God’s church and his foundation, St. Peter has been tasked to watch over all your petitions and cries for help in the department of justice. Should you feel like you are a victim of injustice or the target of persecution, bring your appeals St. Peter and he will see that it is raised in the heavenly court.

God will not allow you to suffer for no reason or purpose. His mercy and justice extends to all of creation and He always watches out for His flock.

St. Raphael – Health Coverage

angel raphael 1

It’s inevitable that we worry about our health, especially as we continue to age. Besides going to the doctor and loading up on more pills, spiritual health can also play a huge impact on that of the physical. Even if the body is feeling weak we should always trust in God’s plan and pray for his angels to interceded for our needs.

St. Raphael wants you to know that he has got you covered. As the patron saint of healing, turn to him in times of need and lift them up to the Lord.

St. Christopher – Travel Insurance

To protect the road along your travels, the Lord has commissioned St. Christopher to watch over you in your journey. He knows that you are bound to face trials and tribulations, but none of them are impossible for the Lord.

Trust in your divine purpose and lift up your troubles to St. Christopher who will carry you trough the hard times.

Your Heavenly Advisors

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